CT-01.8 + CP-01.8 - CD Player with separated DA converter



CT-01.8 - Transport

Color Black
Played formats CD / CD-R/RW
CD transport type Philips VAU1255/21LF (CDproM LF)
Power Supply circuits Separate high quality DC power supply for every voltage level
Central clock for the whole system 16,9344 MHz Low Jitter, 8,4672 Mhz for CD transport
THD distortion when the input signal is

0 dB    -85 dB
-60 dB -35 dB

Communication with CP-01.8 I2S, 4 x coaxial cables with BNC connectors
Width 436 mm
Height 125 mm
Depth 360 mm
Weight of CT-01.8 13 kg

CP-01.8 – D/A converter

D/A converters Burr-Brown PCM1794, 8 parallel in one channel
Dynamic range of D/A converter 138 dB, EIAJ, A-weighted, fS = 44,1 kHz
Signal/Noise ratio 138 dB, EIAJ, A-weighted, fS = 44,1 kHz
Clock frequency 16,9344 MHz
Number of bits 16 bits
Harmonic distortion during output level 0 dB

0,0004%, fS = 44,1 kHz

Analog output XLR
Width 436 mm
Height 125 mm
Depth 360 mm
Weight of CP-01.8 10 kg
Warranty time 24 months



Model CT-01.8 + CP-01.8 plays CD, CD-R and CD-RW disks. Probably the most important feature of the assembly is the maximum utilization of high-quality audio recording on CD, although the sampling and the number of bits is now long since surpassed. 
The reason for using a professional CD-ROM drive Philips VAU1255 / LF 21 (CDproM LF), is to get the maximum amount of data stored on the playing medium with a minimum of errors. In this respect, the mechanism clearly belongs to the front position. As already mentioned this unit is also controlled by a central Low jitter clock. 
A very important issue is the 16-bit output information from the CD drive processed by converters set to 16 bit. There is not used  any upsampling to 24 bit, because it has been found by listening, that the addition of bits in any way always leads to a deterioration of the quality of the resulting sound. Indeed, this fact was mathematically confirmed by numerous studies, on which you can find a lot of reading on the Internet.
Therefore, we focused in our opinion on the development of more important things. Especially on the highest quality central clock base and high quality power supplies with multilevel stabilization and on multiple paralleling of D/A converters to increase the quality of the output signal. The clear choice was therefore on the DA converters with current output - Burr-Brown PCM1794. So I2S output from a CD transport could be plugged into 2 x 8 DA converters, I2S output was fitted with a powerful high frequency stage.
Naturally, it uses high-quality audio components in the whole assembly. Utilization of multiple converters is characterized by a high dynamic range. To be able to utilize this dynamic process, the output stage was equipped by ECC99 tubes. Those are double triodes connected in pure class A.
Disturbing apparatus vibration that could adversely affect the reading of data from CD are restricted by the custom designed boxes of both devices, which are made of steel sheet thickness of 2 mm. Mechanics is flexibly mounted to the chassis. There is no sliding mechanism, which would worsen vibrations and thus the quality of data retrieval. CD is inserted directly to the drive when the top cover is open. The disk is fixed by a mechanical or magnetic weight (Clamp).
Gold-plated analogue output connectors of high quality ensure the best possible connection to other audio components assembly. The high quality of the CD player completes his sober design. The delivered system includes also the remote control device.

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