Company NVE is a Czech producer of high quality HIGH END audio technique such as power amplifiers, preamplifiers and loudspeakers for both fans of home audio and also for professional musical groups.

Officially has the company been on the market more than 20 years. NVE was established just after velvet revolution in 1990.

NVE’s founder, Vaclav Novak had in that moment already had long term experience mainly with construction of high power amplifiers for musical groups and he had been also actively working as a sound engineer for them. Robust and rigorous constructions still keep their own sympathizers mainly between more experienced customer groups. Because of their sound qualities, have become the amplifiers popular also between fans of home audio.

At first, there were constructions of MOSFET-amplifiers for professional music groups developed. Then fans of home HIFI audio succeeded in getting constructions of amplifiers for home usage.   
But the road to sound quality was not easy at all, because we had found that requirements of professional music systems were completely different than requirements of HIGH END and home audio. Professional audio systems make up final sound and colours of musical instruments according to requirements and fantasy of musicians. It is not even bad if the amplifiers and loudspeakers have a specific distortion.    

The professional amplifier line KSxxx stood the test of time and proved quality for their high power, wide dynamic range and reliability. Other development was focused mainly to their practicality and even higher reliability.

Following development was focused on an area of HIFI audio technique.
At first appeared constructions of pure MOSFET amplifiers which came out from well-tried circuits of professional line. Amplifiers of production line MLQxxx were born by gradual increasing of final sound. There was a vacuum tube at an input stage followed by a MOSFET output stage. Sound of such amplifiers was more coloured and detailed.  

Key importance for the next development of our designs had a launch of JJ vacuum tube production in Slovakia. New circuits of tube amplifiers for production line ELQxx with powers 2 x 70W and 2 x 90W have been realized. These powers were, from the point of tube amplifiers view, quite high. The final design was already from the beginning prepared as two-channel, two power supply amplifier. If you want - “dual mono block”.  Because of their high power, the amplifiers could work also with less sensitive loudspeakers. No special designs with sensitive speakers, which are more expensive and less available, were required.


People can remember successful test of our amplifier ELQ90 in HiFi 4/99 magazine. 


For extension of connection possibilities and also for better user comfort a development of stereo tube preamplifier PLQ304 with manual control and PLQ406 with remote control followed. 


After we had gained experience we decided for design of no compromise HIGH END tube power amplifiers “dual mono blocks” with even higher powers. Type ELQ140 has 2 x 140W and mono blocks have 1 x 140W and 1 x 200W. All types always have fully symmetrical design and XLR inputs.


Because of more comfortable control of the power amplifiers NVE team have developed fully symmetrical XLR preamplifiers PLQ708 with unique volume control. It is a microprocessor controlled attenuator, which can exactly control sound levels in 64 steps. Since it is a pure passive circuit, phase coherence is not disturbed by any feedback and natural colours of musical instruments are kept as well as exact spatial localization of musical instruments during different sound levels.  


Special thanks belong to our external colleague Ing. Jiří Ryba, who participated on development of the device.


Encounter of V. Novak and Petr Suchy from CLEARAUDIO in Erlangen had crucial impact to following progression. Petr Suchy’s long term experience with the best audio components and his excellent advices contributed to understanding that an audio system should be composed as a whole and only just by this way you can reach “quality escalating of the whole chain“. 


This truth was fully understood and confirmed by the next development in NVE during several other years. Basis of this philosophy inheres in fact, that if you have components with exactly defined parameters which purposely match to each other, then the result is guaranteed.  But if you have random selection, the result will not have to be optimal regardless the system price. 


That’s why the next phase of survey has started. We needed suitable loudspeakers for our amplifiers and pre-amplifiers with excellent parameters, we are completely persuaded about, to come out. 


As it usually goes in a life, met V. Novak by accident Ing. Pavel Kurka.  He had been designing his own loudspeakers. That way he verified not only his own knowledge but he also tested already known general theories by their unique usage in area of acoustics. Because both had the same goal, enjoyment from high quality playback, obtained NVE other advisor for design of no compromise loudspeakers with exactly defined electro-acoustic parameters.    


He significantly participated on their calculations and measurements. Our constructions were technically perfect, but they needed aesthetic interpretation. That fact led V. Novák to a decision to speak to Mgr. A. Richard Janoušek, who provided unique design and so he remarkably supported acoustic attributes of the loudspeakers. The production line Mysterioso, which covers three sizes of three-way loudspeakers, has arisen. A customer can better choose loudspeaker size according to his own ideas and room dimensions. Because of requirements which are put on such a loudspeaker system, we needed to solve a need of high quality speakers. Their parameters must properly match. We could hardly reach it with standard market types. Besides, most of producers have limited production of classical midrange speakers. That’s why NVE uses, in this production line, speakers of their own design. Basis of the design creates high quality magnetic circuit, made of robust magnets from alloys allowing magnetic flux 1,6 to 1,8T. 
Others, for the final sound quality no less important components of the acoustic chain, are signal and speaker cables. The cables guarantee with their own construction a perfect transmission from the tiny details to the most dynamic passages. 


Something more about our philosophy in items:

  • The best HiFi or if you want HIGH END is: „To go buy tickets and to go to a concert.“ Everything other is only more less successful trial to come closer to the original!    
  • Design of our products should not only attract by its precision and visual aspect but also match the visual aspect to the perfect acoustic experience. Enjoy beauty of music, which comes out from it!
  • Sound is a physical phenomenon. It is possible to calculate and measure it. Music – it is emotion. You can only experience it!
  • Technical parameters of our products are guaranteed by us, it is our business. It’s up to you, to experience music which is close to your heart without interruptions!
  • Every our product is in a manner of speaking an original, created for your individual needs. Every detail passes over human hand, which gives it top craft quality and perfect execution.

No description can persuade a customer about quality of our products better, than live reproduction. We would be glad to allow you to listen to our system, if you accept our invitation...  


Yours NVE team  

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